Overcoming Fear

We must act despite the fear and not let it control us.

Let's do exploits together!

Fear is such a debilitating disease. Fear makes even the strongest men crumble down. Fear creates an entire world devoid of life and hope.

Fear. Such a small word that creates a colossal effect.

Fear of failure has always been my Achilles heel. Fear of failure makes me not want to start things. Imagine the repetitiveness of a day again and again and again just because you are afraid to start something new.

Fear of making bad decisions tend to make people overly cautious, which may be a good thing or a bad thing. But will you be living a fulfilling, worthwhile life in being overly cautious?

Of course not! We cannot live in a bubble-wrapped world and even God, the Almighty Father, never promised that Christians will have it easy or comfortable. Some humans, and I mean me, are comfortable with the safe and nice because it offers us…

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