Overcoming Roadblocks – Embracing Change


Life is not simply about the destination. It is a journey with many turns.

A successful journey demands planning and preparation. Therefore, we do the research and plan ahead. We map the journey to our desired destination  before setting-out. Until, we come across the below sign which throws our plan out the window.

Road-Closed-AheadSuddenly, we feel lost, discouraged, frustrated, we even contemplate abandoning the journey.

But what if we simply accepted the fact that a new route was needed?!

I came across this sign recently. An unplanned, unforeseen event; Life surprised me – as she has a habit of doing!

My initial response was to force through the road closure sign. Personally I do not deal well with unexpected change. I am too stubborn (And yes I do know it) . So of course, when life surprised me, I got annoyed and frustrated. I kept going forward until I realised it was a dead-end. With no way forward! I was forced to accept the fact, forced to stop in my tracks and to find a new path.

If only I hadn’t spent so much time fighting the change?

I have learned my lesson, I hope 🙂

A roadblock is not the end of a journey, simply a redirection unto a new road.

I’m sharing this in hope that others would learn from my experience – especially those, who like me are too stubborn.

Decide to take the detour! Follow the redirected traffic sign and before you know it, you will be back on track to achieving your goals and living your dreams. You might even get to the destination faster than you had planned!

And remember:

“You will face many defeats in your life but never let yourself be defeated” Maya Angelou

Until next time

Training update:  I failed to meet my target distance last week as i was distracted by the surprise. However this is a new week! And it’s already better than last week. Two consecutive days running outdoors with friends at a steady pace no stopping . Go us 🙂 


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