Take Risks, Have Faith


The bible is my favourite book, filled with gems.

I have discovered that there’s advise on every issue and every time I need direction or guidance, I turn to it.

There’s a story about a rich man who before going away on a very long trip, calls 3 guys who work for him and gives each of them some money ‘according to their abilities’. Worker 1 receives five coins, worker 2 receives two coins and worker 1 receives one coin. While the rich man is away, Worker 1 works hard, takes risk investing the 5 coins and by the time the rich owner is back he finds that Worker 1 has doubled his investment and so has Worker 2. However Worker 3, who, too afraid to take a risk and lose his money kept it all in a safe deposit box (markets were just as volatile then I’m guessing 🙂 ).

Can you guess the response of the rich entrepreneur? Yeah, not so happy!

And who can blame him? He became rich by taking a risk and not playing it safe.

Taking a risk is very hard to do. And yet the potential rewards are great. Facebook quotes- risk

My educational background is in financial market analysis and forecasting and throughout academia we see that those who take the most risks with their finances, though they are exposed to higher losses, when they win, they win BIG.

 So this year, I’m all about Doing Hard Things, which means sometimes stepping out despite all odds. Not knowing the outcomes but knowing I’ll do all it takes to get the outcome I want. Never giving up.

 What will you do? What are those things you wrote last week that you always wanted to do but put off?

Will you TRY them this year?

FYI – my marathon training is going well. We have had horrible weather here but I have not let it stop me.Today I hit a personal best 5K in less than 14 min. Now I am in competition with myself. The hardest kind, of competition – at least I think so.

If you wish to get daily updates of my training, follow me on Instagram by searching for graciegracek.

Thanks for reading,

Until next time.


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